Creativity liberates and trains to dream. It helps to achieve the boldest aims if you let this powerful stream go through yourself. Be free. Be daring. Be happy. When the Most Desirable Wishes come true.

Anastasia Kucherenko finds happiness in what she does. She creates fine jewellery behind the curve and convention and invites to join her in a creative process of making up your own one of a kind jewellery piece in order to fulfill your Most Desirable Wish.

Happy moments of life one may keep and inherit. Distinctive customized jewellery are objects of personal and family pride, and gratitude to your loved ones, and confession to your beloved ones.

The art of making jewelry

Artist statement of AIA Jewellery: to uncover kindness to the world.

It’s a tremendous thing for me to produce a resourceful creativity. It is not a blind race for money. It’s when a person puts out energies to an idea and principles rather than gold and stones. Looking at a ring he or she is getting better and recollecting some essential things – following their true inwardness of the SOUL…


  • Pure creativity by means of which I express myself and help other people unveil the inner world in our collaboration
  • Creation of a custom-designed beauty
  • Collaboration with different people, taking into account their significant values and self-actualization
  • Coding values in a jewellery piece. Values which are inherent to a true self rather than imposed by the outer world
  • Involving energy of a precious stone.

High quality of jewellery is achieved by means of using only high-grade materials. Pieces of jewellery are handworked by the most skillful masters of goldsmithing. You may want to incorporate an important precious stone for you, for example, an inherited one, or given by your spiritual teacher, or brought from your trip. An elegant water-colour sketch may be drawn at your desire.

Anastasia Kucherenko

A young artist and jewellery designer, she started her artistic journey as far back as her studies at school of art in childhood. She became a skilled professional in art and design, and through studying antiquities sank into jewellery design.

“Once I was given a stone – it was a citrine of generous size. Then it was the first time I drew a sketch for a jewellery piece and came up with the idea to make a pendant-charm, a symbol of an upcoming year of Dragon. It turned out to become not merely a symbol of 2012 but a new step of my creative path”.

Anastasia graduated a jewellery course at British Higher School of Design in 2016 with a noted diploma project force. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of the decorative applied art since 2018.

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