The Anima & Animus collection is not a simple adornment, but a kind of a game that I propose to play in order to get to know yourself and to transform yourself. To become happier and give happiness to the world. To be filled and to share.

© Anastasia Kucherenko

Animus and Anima – the concept of Jungian psychology – archetypes. These are the characters that are carriers of the male and female principle (yin and yang) in the human psyche. Animus in the psyche of a woman is the carrier of the male principle – it is spirit, logic, the formation of judgments, analysis (that is, separation), activity, rivalry, separation from others.

 Anima in the male psyche represents the female principle. She is responsible for dealing with emotions and instincts, cooperation and synthesis (connection), relationships and empathy.

Functions of animatic figures – the connection of consciousness and the unconscious, as well as communication with the outside world.

Animus and Anima are projected on partners of the opposite sex who we like, who we fall in love with. These are parts of our psyche that are carried out outside, and which we can understand and appropriate through relations with the opposite sex.

Animatical figures develop and transform with us. The type of men and women we fall in love changes.